10 Kinds of Businesses that Yield the Best Cash Flow

Over a period of time, there are certain types of small businesses which have consistently enjoyed more positive cash flow than others. In no particular order, the businesses described below have consistently demonstrated a greater knack for achieving positive cash flow.

Real estate rentals

The reason there’s such a consistent cash flow for real estate rentals is that after making an upfront cash investment, there is usually a steady flow of income from rentals.

Retainer-based professional services

There are a number of businesses such as marketing and advertising agencies, real estate agencies, and law firms which operate on a retainer model. Clients pay these businesses a set amount each month for services provided.

Regulated industries

Businesses such as utility companies or oil and gas exploration firms are those which are regulated by the government. Since they have this level of close oversight and limited competition, they generally perform very well.

Software as a Service (SaaS) companies

Most SaaS companies offer subscription services to their clients, which ensures a steady stream of incoming revenue.

Service businesses

Service businesses don’t usually need huge capital investments in order to get off the ground, and once they establish a customer base, the cash flow becomes reliable.


The big benefit of being a franchise, is that you can establish a stable cash flow right from the beginning, and it’s fairly easy to maintain.

Finance and insurance companies

These kinds of companies enjoy a steady stream of income, with none of the peaks and valleys which are associated with seasonal work or the retail industry.


Because of the rapidly aging population in this country, healthcare companies are booming, and have no trouble maintaining a steady stream of income.

Home-based businesses

Once a home-based business secures an adequate client base, it’s very easy to establish a steady stream of income, for instance through childcare, pet care, or other professional services.

Niche restaurants

The big appeal with niche restaurants is that they have a very loyal client base because of their specialty, and this ensures a stable cash flow.

Does your business have cash flow issues? 

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