Build a Strong Team of Employees and a More Enriching Corporate Culture

Good team-building is one of the toughest parts of the modern workplace.

That’s because ‘culture’ is one of those things that’s easiest to notice when it isn’t positive. There may always be a bit of grumbling, but businesses where there’s an un-fun culture are harder to turn around. 

The required job still may get done, but it may not get done as well as it could be if everyone was positive, excited and motivated.  Getting there can be done, but sometimes it can be a challenge if people aren’t happy, and instead are scared, annoyed, bored, or simply don’t want to be there.

Trying to reverse some of these trends, as a supervisor or manager, and restoring a positive culture, isn’t easy since everyone’s motivation and satisfaction are different and you must find ways to appeal to all of them and keep it going. But there are some good starting places that you can build upon.

  • Public displays. Not PDAs, but opportunities for everyone to see how well everyone is doing. While charts of sales progress may or may not be motivating, there are other ways to give public acclaim for everyone, including top employees, upcoming birthdays or certain accomplishments.
  • Better lunches. Free food can be a great motivator especially when it’s unexpected. So donuts can be great once in awhile or a catered lunch for attaining a certain goal. Or certain employees can be rewarded by something special like a lunch with a top manager or an off-site retreat to a nice place.
  • Motivators. Rather than hearing the same speeches from the same managers, you can consider bringing in other experts to share their advice and wisdom and hopefully inspire everyone. Think of it as internal motivational presentation. This could be fun to look forward to and perhaps connect people for future mentorships.
  • Communication.  This is key whatever you do. By communicating well with everyone, people don’t feel left out and feel like they’re part of the process. This is a great way for boosting culture.

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