Fix-and-Flip Design Trends for 2019 

There are a number of fix-and-flip design trends which are shaping up for 2019, and which figure to inject a huge amount of money into the U.S. economy. Spending on remodeling projects is expected to grow by something like $350 billion in the third quarter of 2019, making it an industry well worth watching.

Here are some of the anticipated fix-and-flip design trends which will become prevalent during the coming year. 

Longer shelf life

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but because of the increasing costs of fix-and-flip renovations, one major trend for 2019 is expected to be renovations which have a longer shelf life. Entrepreneurs are not renovating every few months, but are instead tending to make longer-term investments in renovation.

The well-being of dwellers

Another highly anticipated trend is that renovations will more fully take into account the well-being of occupants. The current social mood dictates that dwellings be made more comfortable and more livable for those inside, and for a longer period of time. An interior design which promotes relaxation and well-being will be featured in many fix-and-flip renovations.

More natural flooring

Dark wood flooring will be less emphasized in 2019, and will give way to wood floors which are on the lighter side. A style favored by a growing number of people is the matte finish, which calls for flooring that looks much more natural. In the same general area, recycled wood and engineered wood will become very popular, and will provide a good alternative to natural wood floors. It is also expected that tile or vinyl floors which have the appearance of natural wood will become much more popular, and will be installed in a great many fix-and-flip renovations.

Greater use of mixed metals

Many fix-and-flip renovations will begin to feature a mixed metals look, partly because it’s so hard to find the perfect match between all the hardware used in bathrooms and kitchens. However, the mixed metals look is also one which can convey a more luxurious and glamorous look to the environment. This concept is likely to be extended to using metallic paint colors, as well as incorporating various geometric shapes on walls, so as to tie in various metals used throughout the room.

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