The Key Signs of a Workaholic

All successful business owners work hard, but there’s a fine line between maintaining a healthy work-life balance and slipping into workaholic tendencies. To help you stay on the right side of that line, this article highlights three warning signs to watch out for.

You Constantly Work Long Hours

Sometimes it’s necessary to put in long hours—but if you find yourself constantly arriving to work before everyone else, leaving long after the rest of the office is empty, or both, you may need to adjust your approach by adopting new time management strategies. You can find many ideas in this Forbes article or this slideshow.  

You Always Think about Work

Constantly thinking about work is a more subtle way your work-life balance can become out of whack. If you’re thinking about work when you’re not in the office, it’s likely not positive; for instance, how often have you thought about a looming deadline rather than the bang-up job you did on your last project? Such thoughts can leave you feeling drained, stressed, and less effective when you’re actually working. To counteract this state of mind, the Harvard Business Review recommends consciously stepping away from work-related technology, setting up a work-free space at home, and finding activities to get your mind off work.

Your Physical Health is Suffering

Another sign that your work-life balance needs adjustment is if your body isn’t feeling its best. Perhaps you feel you’ve had to abandon your exercise routine to get more done. Perhaps your meals consist of unhealthy food rapidly consumed at your desk. Perhaps you’re rising so early or worrying so late into the night that your sleep has suffered. No matter the form your physical ailments take, they’re a sign you need to readjust your priorities. 

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