3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Manage Time

Time management is a challenge for many entrepreneurs, but if you master it, you’ll find yourself able to get more done in a day than you ever thought possible. Keep reading for some strategies to help you thrive in this area.


If you’re the hands-on type, it can be difficult to delegate responsibilities to employees. However, if you try to do everything yourself, you’ll eventually run out of time and begin cutting corners. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to the people you hire or partner with. After all, it’s what they’re there for. 

Ask Yourself About Importance and Urgency

For many people, deciding which tasks to focus on is one of the biggest time management sticking points. If this is the case for you, try thinking about tasks in terms of importance and urgency. As outlined by writer Jory MacKay on Observer.com, important tasks “contribute to long-term missions and goals” and urgent tasks “have to be dealt with immediately.” If a task is both important and urgent, tackle it first. If a task is important but not urgent, it can wait, but make sure you make a plan for doing it in the future. Delegate tasks that are not important but are urgent. Abandon tasks that are neither.

Block Distractions

Another common time management challenge is staying on task in the face of interruptions from email and social media. If you find yourself in that boat, consider using some or all of these tactics:

  • Block off a certain period of the day and answer emails only during that time.
  • Turn your phone off when focusing on a critical task.
  • Install productivity-boosting applications or add-ons, like those that limit your time on social media websites.

If you follow these strategies, you may soon find that your days feel less cramped and more productive.

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