How an Introvert Can Step Out as an Entrepreneur

Extroverts seem well-suited to entrepreneurship. They have charisma and don’t mind dealing with vendors, investors, and teams. What do you do if you’re an introvert? How can you succeed in business when you’d rather be in a solitary environment? Just because you’re not excited about dealing with people, doesn’t mean that you don’t bring strengths to a business. As an introvert, if you want to be in entrepreneurship, you just have to figure out how to address the challenges you might face.

Choose Your Business Wisely

Don’t choose a business that is going to stress you out. You may not be suited for a party planning business if you’re an introvert. But you may have a skill, like ice carving, that would translate well into a business venture. You would largely work alone until you deliver the item. Think about a hobby or idea that plays to your strengths.

Find a Partner Who Complements You

Need someone to be your salesperson? Partner with an extrovert who can do the jobs you don’t find intriguing.

Use Online Marketing and Networking

Take advantage of tools that help you communicate with people. Tell your customers you prefer email or text messages instead of phone calls. Save meetings for when you absolutely have to meet with someone.

Socialize with Others

You aren’t going to be able to run a business successfully without some interaction. Plan for networking events. Practice talking to investors. Introversion isn’t shyness, but you may need to learn to be more comfortable in certain settings. Join Toastmasters to learn to speak more effectively in public. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to find yourself in situations that may make you uncomfortable, whether it’s talking to a group of investors or managing a team of people. Even extroverts aren’t skilled at everything.

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