How to Boost Your Cash Flow

The efficient management of cash flow is an integral aspect of running a business. Strong and steady cash flow enables you not only to pay your bills but also to grow your business by taking on new personnel and purchasing needed inventory and equipment. Here are some tips on how you can improve your company’s cash flow.

Sell or Rent Unneeded Assets

If you have unused equipment or supplies taking up storage space, consider selling off these items. You’ll earn working capital by getting rid of these unneeded assets. You can also boost your cash flow by renting unused office or storage space to other companies.

Renegotiate Terms With Vendors

Suppliers and service providers you have been working with for a long time may be open to negotiations for better terms. Rather than lose your business, they may be amenable to working out new contracts that save you money and improve your company cash flow.

Earn Interest on Unused Cash

Spare cash should not lie dormant. Instead, invest excess funds into accounts that can earn interest for your company. Instead of savings accounts, though, consider money market accounts, which earn more. If you conduct some research, you may also find other options for investment.

Factor Your Invoices

One of the most dynamic methods of rapidly increasing company cash flow is invoice factoring. Many businesses offer payment terms of weeks or even months, and clients take advantage of these terms to pay their bills slowly. In the meantime, your cash flow suffers. With invoice factoring, you receive quick cash for your unpaid invoices from a factoring company, which boosts your cash flow and enables your business to thrive. This option works well even for startups or companies with poor credit histories because in approving your application, the factoring company looks at the credit histories of your clients rather than your own.

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