Where to Find New Clients for Your Business

Acquiring new customers is an absolute necessity for virtually all businesses, especially since most businesses are also constantly losing customers for various reasons. There can be a huge cost associated with acquiring new customers, and that’s why many companies focus so much on retaining their existing client base. However, at least a certain amount of new customer acquisition is always necessary for companies, and here are some ways you can find those new customers.


There are a number of different channels which you can conduct your advertising initiatives through. In recent years, the focus has been on social media and on digital marketing, but you should certainly not discard some of the tried-and-true methods of advertising such as radio and television spots. Newspaper subscriptions and direct mail marketing can also have their appeals, but whichever of these methods you use, be sure that they’re cost-effective for your company.

Referrals and Networking

It’s a well-known fact that referral customers tend to buy more products over time, and become a good source of generating even more referrals. That’s why it’s very much to your advantage to develop your networking processes, so you can communicate to everyone the ideal customer you’re seeking. This will also help you to focus on the appeal of your products and services for those ideal customers. Don’t be bashful about asking for referrals from your contented customers, and make sure you show your gratitude to those customers in some way, perhaps by offering discounts or other perks.

Strategic Partnerships

When you set up a strategic partnership with another company or an individual, it’s an arrangement that could last for years and could be mutually beneficial for both. One good example might be a web design company affiliating itself with an advertising agency, with both of these entities sending referrals to the other. As long as both companies benefit by the alliance, it can remain intact, and be a constant source of new customers.

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